Blue White Shades Mix Silk Rose Petals


This is a mix of petals in an assortment of shades of blues - dark blue, light blue turquoise blue, blue and white with yellow tips and white.

Scatter these beautiful silk petals everywhere - along the ceremony aisle the guest sign-in tables reception tables and the cake table. Fill the bridesmaids' baskets and have them scatter them in front of the bride. They can be used to decorate the wedding cake. Silk petals are better than real petals as they will not wilt or fade and they can be collected up and used over and over again.

The petals are a mix of 4.5 cm and 5.2 cm across. Please note that they should not be used as confetti outdoors, as they are artificial and are not biodegradable. 

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100 Blue Mix Silk Petals 99999$ 3.49
250 Blue Mix Silk Petals99999$ 5.99
500 Blue Mix Silk Petals 99999$ 11.99