Budded Cross Olive Wood Pendant HJW


This is top quality Class A, olive wood pendant necklace with a budded cross design, made by H.J.W the world leading manufacturer for olive wood articles for export. It comes with a Certificate of Origin certifying that this sacred object is made of olivewood grown in Bethlehem.   Makes a perfect gift. 

Dimensions : 2.5 x 3 cm / 1" x 1.2" approx. 


A budded cross is a stylised cross, that is common in heraldry as well as in Christian iconography. 

This budded cross (also known as an Apostle’s Cross, Cathedral Cross , Disciple’s Cross, Treflee Crossand a Trefoil Cross) has three buds on each of the arms of the cross. 

The buds have many meanings and can symbolize different things: 

1) Each of the buds symbolizes one of the twelve Apostles. 

2) The three buds together symbolize the trinity. 

3) It represents Aaron's Staff that budded (Numbers 17 v 8) when placed in the Ark of the Covenant. 

4) It can also represent the buds of a flower, thereby representing a journey of growth in faith, like flowers that have not yet bloomed. 

5) The three buds are reminiscence of 1 Corinthians 13: ''Faith, Hope, Love; The greatest of these is love.'' 

Such a cross, either with or without a corpus, is often used as an identification mark on signboards and maps for a cathedral, hence it is also named a Cathedral Cross. 

"The wood from the Tree of Life, those who grasp it will experience eternal Happiness..." Proverbs 3:18

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1 Budded Cross Olive Wood Pendant HJW$ 4.20
6 x Budded Crosst Olive Wood Pendant HJW$ 22.90
12 x Budded Cross Olive Wood Pendant HJW$ 40.90

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