Flavors from the Holyland

Israel - the Land of the Bible - is blessed with many herbs and spices. The Great Rift Valley along its Eastern border has a special climate facilitating the Arava, the Galilee, Mt. Herman, Mt. Tabor, and the Golan Heights. The herbs and spices that grow in these areas are considered to have the best aromatic flavor in the world. It is from herbs grown in this special region that all the products sold her are grown. For sale is top quality biblical zaatar/hyssop as well as delicious mixes to add to your salads, rice and grilled meat. Not forgetting deliciously refreshing herbal infusions.

All loose packaged spices, herbs and mixes are available in any quantity from 100g upwards. Please contact me if you are looking for a spice herb or mix that is not listed here.

Herbs & Spice Mixes        Biblical Tea Infusions
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