Hawaij (Hawayej, Hawayij) Spice Blend


Hawaij (Hawayej / Hawayij) is the name given to a variety of Yemenite ground spice mixtures used primarily for soups and coffee. Hawaij is used extensively by Yemenite Jews in Israel and it has now spread more widely into general Israeli cuisine.There are two types of Hawaij mixes - one for soups and savoury dishes and the other for brewing coffee (made out of aniseed, fennel seeds, ginger and cardamom) and is also used in cakes and deserts.

The Hawaij mix for soup includes coriander, cumin, turmeric, saffron, black peppercorns, and cardamom. Some more elaborate versions may include ground cloves, caraway, nutmeg, saffron, coriander and ground dried onions.This listing is for the mixture for soup and it is also used in stews, curry-style dishes, rice and vegetables dishes and even as a rub prior to grilling meat, poultry, seafood and vegetables like eggplant.

This is a quality blend of hawaij and will last for a long time. I learnt to store mine in the freezer door as I saw that this is what many of my Israeli neighbours do as they say it keeps the flavour fresher - although this is not essential and you can store it in a jar in a cupboard.

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