Olive Wood Box Bethlehem Design (MED)


This is a lovely rectangular box carved from high quality olive wood,  with the word Bethlehem and a picture of the Church of the Nativity. 

Both the outside bottom and the inside bottom of the box are covered in red felt giving 
it a luxurious look and feel. It comes with a gold tone clasp. 

It is a perfect box to hold a rosary, jewelry, or any other item that you wish to keep safe. 

Hand made by skilled artisans in Bethlehem it makes a perfect gift for man and woman alike, that will be treasured forever. 

No box is alike due the unique markings of olive wood. 


Depth = 1.75 inches / 4 cm 
Width= 2.75 inches / 7 cm 
Length= 4.5 inches / 11 cm 
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Olive Wood Box Bethlehem Nativity (MED) No Rosary99999$ 19.99
Olive Wood Box Bethlehem Nativity (MED) With Rosary99999$ 22.99

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