Olive Wood Crucifix Set - 2 Bottles of Holy Water & Soil


On sale is a a boxed set containing a 12 cm (5 inches) olive wood crucifix and 2 crystal clear miniature bottles containing the Biblical Elements of Holy Earth from the Hills of Bethlehem and Purifying Water from the Jordan River.

Perfect as a gift for all occasions - Christmas, Baptism, Christening etc. This is top quality made for export - do not be confused with cheaper imitations being sold elsewhere.


''The wood from the Tree of Life, those who grasp it will experience eternal Happiness...'' Proverbs 3:18

Background about Olive Wood

Olive trees are indigenous to the Holy Land and are treasured because the oil from their fruit has been used for religious rites since biblical times. The olive wood used in these beautiful products is of the highest quality and is distinctive for its dark lines. It comes only from olive wood trees that are grown in the area between Shechem and Hebron that are not irrigated. The olive tree is a protected species in Israel and cannot be cut down. Once every two years the olive trees are pruned so that they bear fruit and it is from these prunings that these handcrafted pieces are made. The prunings are stored for almost 5 years, before they are used by the craftsmen for these exquisite pieces.

Olive wood items make perfect gifts. Not only are they imbued with spirituality, they also do not require much care since olive oil is naturally protecting them from corrosion and changes of color

Our Price: £ 7.74