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Where not to buy HolyRoses Products, unless you are happy being ripped off

Posted by Janice Kaye on 7th Dec 2022

Warning - where not to buy HolyRoses Products, unless you are happy being ripped off. 

Please do not buy from any sites that are dropshipping HolyRoses products. You will end up paying many times more than the price you should be paying.

I have come across various scam sites with a wide range of products that you could buy on Amazon for a fraction of the price you are being charged, and in the end all they will do is dropship them Amazon. An example of one such site is the HomeLoft stores. They pretend to be local stores in your country, but they are not, and the customer service line doesn't actually work.    Please do not be a victim of these scam artists.   There are also stores like Desert Cart, which say they will ship all over the world.  In effect they buy from Amazon and ship it to you and charge a premium.  Please email me instead and I will work with you to ship to places, that I do not have the shipping set up on the store. 

Also, if you are shopping on Amazon, please make sure you only buy products that say they are sold by HolyRoses, and not other sellers, who will also charge you a high price, so that they can order from Amazon and have it shipped to you. This happens on Amazon in Canada and the UK, and I have spent a lot of time unsuccessfully trying to stop it. So now I have told you where not to shop, where should you stop? 

I have 2 webstores and now for customers specifically in the UK.If you are in a rush and want faster delivery, especially if you have Amazon Prime, you might consider buying direct from Amazon. Here is a link to my UK storefront HOLYROSES AMAZON UK STOREFRONT and here is a link to my USA storefront HOLYROSES AMAZON USA STOREFRONT ----

You can also just email me and I will be happy to help you - [email protected]

If you work in education, healthcare, chaplaincy and are looking to make a bulk order, please do contact me to receive a sample and/or for wholesale prices.

I love to hear from my customers, so please do be in touch with any questions or comments.