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Jerusalem Cross Crusader's Olive Wood Keyring

6.90 USD

The Jerusalem Cross, also called the Crusaders' Cross, is a notable Christian symbol comprised of a large Greek cross surrounded by four smaller ones. It first appeared on the banner given to the Crusaders by Pope Urban II during the First Crusade and came to represent the Latin Kingdom of Jerusalem under Godfrey of Bouillon.

The cross has various interpretations: the four smaller crosses may represent the four Gospels or the four directions that Christ's word spread from Jerusalem. Alternatively, the five crosses can symbolize Christ's five wounds during the Passion, the Pentateuch, or the first five Christian Churches.

The Jerusalem Cross, possibly originating from Phoenicia, resembles the eight-pointed Maltese Cross, where each point signifies a Beatitude according to the Venerable Order of St John. It's also featured in Georgia's flag.

Now, an olive wood keyring featuring this Jerusalem Cross design, hand-carved by Bethlehem craftsmen, makes for an ideal Christian gift. These unique pieces are crafted from trimmings of ancient olive trees in the Bethlehem region, where Jesus was born, ensuring an environmentally friendly process. The keyring measures about 2.5x2.5cm or 1"x1" and comes with an explanation card detailing the significance of olivewood.

  • Weight 40.00 g

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