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Olive Wood Tao Tau Cross Keyring Design

8.90 USD

This authentic, Class A olive wood keyring is crafted with a Tao cross, representing St. Francis of Assisi. Made by H.J.W, a leading manufacturer in olive wood articles, it uses traditional techniques. Each piece is unique, carved by Bethlehem artisans from the olive trees that dot the region since biblical times. The Tao cross keyring, 1" x 1" in size, is attached with a D-ring and develops its own patina over time due to handling. Accompanied by a Certificate of Origin, this sacred object makes a beautiful keepsake or a meaningful gift.

This environmentally friendly product is made from the prunings of Bethlehem's ancient olive trees, the birthplace of Jesus. The Tao cross, resembling the Greek letter "tao" or English "T", is an ancient symbol associated with many cultures. St. Francis adopted it to remind his friars of their lifelong commitment to God and humanity. The Tau Cross became a protective symbol against diseases due to St. Francis's service to the lepers. This keyring symbolizes his devotion, ascetic life, and the stigmata he bore in his final years.

  • Weight 60.00 g

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